Friday, August 07, 2009

HYPNOKOMIX #0 in the flesh

HYPNOKOMIX #0, a mindbending sampler of stories by Jason Squamata and illustrated by Owen Hunter, Andrew Mc Kenzie, Damian Zari and myself, has just arrived at Mr. Squamata's doorstep, smelling of comicky goodness.

6 Pages of my collaboration with Mr. Squamata, Teen Luvkraft in: BEACH BLANKET BEYOND, appear in the anthology, which has thus far been printed in extremely limited quantities.

In the picture below, Jason breathes deeply of the graphic fictions that he is a midwife to.

If you are able to commute to Portland next week, do stop by the Manor of Art show at Milepost 5, where you will be able to purchase one of these honeys. Check out my previous post on the show for links and details.

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