Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a page from BEACH BLANKET BEYOND, and other sample pages from HYPNOKOMIX #0

For a good sampling of the many varieties of HYPNOKOMIX, head on over to, where you can look at the page above, from TEENAGE LUVKRAFT: BEACH BLANKET BEYOND and the other fantabulous stories that we're working on. Andrew Mc Kenzie's HYPNOZINE and AMERIKAN ZER0 art is featured, as well as a page by Owen Hunter from OTHERMAN and the ORAKULOIDS and Damian Zari's work on PARLIAMENT OF BABIES. You can also thrill to a HYPNO-artifact by Kate Fenker, plucked from the ZER0ZONE! Go check it out, and get straight for the coming of HYPNO!

(Pitchers by the above noted artistes, woids by Jason Squamata!)

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